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The Heritage
Herencia; Heritage, noun.


Guillermo Herrera grew up working in the vineyards alongside his mother and family; memories he holds dear every day. His life-long experiences in vineyard cultivation peaks with his company Heritage Vineyard Management —the preeminent viticultural management company in The Napa Valley. Encouraged by his wife Angelica, family, and friends, along with his dedication to excellence, he began his winery Herencia Del Valle in 2007, turning out a series of wines that have garnered substantial critical acclaim from the wine industry, including Wine Enthusiast, The Tasting Panel, and Wine Lovers worldwide. Herencia Del Valle continues to amass award-winning vintages under the direction of Guillermo’s detailed and determined work ethic. Guillermo also serves as a leader in the Hispanic community as the current President of the Mexican-American Vintner’s Association. Guillermo has a deep and personal commitment to the Latino community and leads the Mexican-American Vintner’s Association with a unified vision of a nation where Latinos thrive and the American dream is possible for all.


The Herencia Del Valle logo is passionately dedicated to the Ballet Folklorico tradition, and especially, his daughter learning this decades-old cultural tradition passed down from her mother, grandmothers, and Mexican culture. To us, the word Herencia means dedication to your family and legacy.

Hand-crafted wines, a few barrels at a time.


Life is choices... a phrase we have all heard more than once. In Charles Kellers’ case, getting into the wine business occurred after several other choices became less interesting as he entered his 40's.

Charles resided in New Jersey with his wife Cynthia where wine was a pleasure but not a vocation. It was when they committed to marriage that they also knew they were ready to invest in love, wine, and, thus their journey began. Like Lewis and Clark, they packed up their few worldly possessions and their journey took them to Napa Valley, where Charles pursued and completed his degree in Viticulture and Enology while also working for several great winemakers, and Cynthia worked her way into the sales, marketing and production project management aspect of the wine business. Charles is also the Managing Partner of Charthia Cellars.